The craft is a legacy of my grandparents

When I was little, I had always admired the work of my father, he was (draz) in the field of textiles that inherit this profession by my grandparents in the great mountains of the atlas of Morocco
Mom brings with Berber women from great mountain atlas begins to wash and clean very well the wool of the sheep to have a soft and clean wool and gives a durable vintage for harvesting the wool that last several years to give a high quality and A perfect finish after she begins to wire the wool to create the carpets of their own life experiences for warmth, most of these carpets reflects the harsh winters of Morocco.
They begin to prepare wool yarn and carpet weaving as its hard a few weeks,
Dad takes these carpets, he sells them in the weekly market to have a return.
But I had the ambition to expand our business with my graduate studies and experience I thought about expanding my production and also the market share with the progression and innovation of all my own products.
I start designing and creating the product after I oversee the design of the production myself with the help of assistant and distribution On the Moroccan market and also on etsy website to present to the world markets